Calvary Temple Puppet Team – The Parable of the Sower

Continuing our series on the Parables of Jesus, this week in our Calvary Temple Children’s Church, we learned about the Parable of the Sower.

In the skit, Wendy is very excited about a new Bible verse she has learned.  “Whatever you do, do it with all your heart for Jesus.”  In fact, she was so excited about her new verse that she went right away to clean her room, and then she shared that verse with her friends Suzie and Andy.

All three kids then went away to do their chores, and all three kids had very different responses to that verse.

Andy didn’t even try to clean his room.  Instead, he hid his mess under the bed and went outside to play.

Suzie started to sweep the kitchen, but after a few minutes, the job got really hard.  She finally gave up and went outside to play.

Wendy was so excited that she’d done a good job cleaning earlier, but she got distracted by the ZBox 9000, and ended up going to play with that instead of finishing her chores.

Later, the kids come back together and admit to Grandpa Louie what happened.  He shares the Parable of the Sower.

In Matthew 13, we read that Jesus sat in front of a large crowd and began to tell them a story.  A sower (or a farmer) went out to plant some seed.  He threw the seed everywhere.

Some of the seed fell on the wayside (or the sidewalk).  That seed got eaten by birds right away.  In our puppet skit, Andy represented the sidewalk.  Wendy shared the Bible verse with him, but he immediately went and did what he wanted instead.

Some of the seed fell on the stoney ground.  The plant grew up quickly, but the roots couldn’t get down deep because of all the stones. Once the sun came up, the plant withered away and died. Suzie was the stoney ground–she started off obeying, but once the chores got too hard, her resolve weakened and she eventually left it unfinished.

Some of the seed fell on the thorny ground.  The plants grew up alongside some thorns, and as they grew, the two plants tangled together.  For awhile, the plant was healthy, but slowly, the thorns choked the life out of the plant and it died.  Wendy was the thorny ground.  She initially grew up strong, but slowly, the distractions and cares of the world began to choke her life out.  She was much more excited about playing the new video game than obeying her parents.

Last, the seed fell on good ground.  Those plants grew up strong, and they produced a lot of good fruit.

An important takeaway for your own kids is to make sure they know how they can have hearts that are “good ground”.  When you share the Word of God with your children, what is their response?  Do they sulk?  Do they obey quickly?  Do they forget?

If you are having a good heart, you are not only quick to obey, but also quick to share with others.  When we have good hearts and we are producing fruit, then the lives of others will be impacted.  If you tell your child to put something back in the grocery store, and they immediately obey, what do you think the other parents in the store will think?

Having a heart that is “good ground” is a great way that children can share the love of Jesus with others.  When they are showing the good fruit (or the good works) of their lives, other people will want to see what makes them different.

What are some practical ways that you help your kids to have “good ground” in their hearts?  What are some things that might choke the Word of God out of their hearts?

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