Calvary Temple Puppets – King Josiah

This week in Sunday School, we taught the kids about King Josiah.  King Josiah was a man who served God with his whole heart.  Many times, kids are allowed to get by with just the bare minimum–as long as they tried, then they’ll get the prize.  (Don’t get me started on participation awards!)

It’s important to always encourage children to do their very best.  (Even if their best is not the highest grade!  As long as they tried their very hardest, that’s all that God wants!)

In God’s kingdom, doing your best means serving Him with your whole heart.  When we do things only halfway–we sometimes pray or go to church–that’s not the kind of relationship that God wants with us.

I think another cool thing about Josiah is that he was only eight years old when he made the decision to serve the Lord.  Kids are capable of more than we realize.

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I thought it’d be cool to share what our scripts look like (that we read off of behind the stage).  Here’s the transcript of this week’s skit:

The Chapel:  King Josiah



Andy’s Mom



Mrs. Humperdinkel


Mom’s Voice:  Andy!!  Andy!!

Andy:  Yes mom!

Mom’s Voice:  Andy, your clothes are all over the floor in your room!  I need you to go and clean them up RIGHT NOW.

Andy:  Ok Mom!!

Andy walks across stage…clothes are hanging off of the side of the stage.

Andy:  Man, how did my mom notice allthese clothes here…man!!!  Oh well, I guess I better start cleaning.

Andy starts cleaning. 

Andy:  UGGHHHHHHH, this is so hard……..WAIT!!!  Why am I doing this?  I can make it look neat by just putting these clothes under my bed!!  My mom will think my room is clean, and I don’t have to spend all afternoon cleaning it!!  BRILLIANT.…if I do say so myself.


(All action behind the stage)

Andy’s mom:  ANDYYYYY!!!!!

Andy – Yes mom?!?!?

Andy’s mom: You are in big trouble, young man!!!!!!! I found the clothes under your bed and that IS NOT WHERE THEY BELONG…. You are in big trouble, mister!

Andy: OH NO!


Denzel – Hey Andy, what’s up?

Andy – Denzel, I just got in trouble for not cleaning my room like my mom told me too. I threw all my clothes under the bed, but I guess that wasn’t what she meant by “CLEAN your room”

Mrs. Humperdinkel:  Okay kids quiet down, I’ve graded your Arithmetic Tests and I have to say that I’m very proud…of SOME of you!!  But some of you need to work a lot harder.  I’m gonna pass out the papers and take a look at your grades.

Denzel:  Hey Andy, what’d you get?

Andy:  Aw, I got a D.  It’s not bad.

Denzel:  A D?  But that test wasn’t even hard.  I mean, I even got a B+ and I’m not as smart you are.

Andy:  Yeah, well, I didn’t really study…Arithmetic is pretty easy anyway.

Denzel:  But don’t you care that you didn’t do your best!?

Andy:  Denzel, it’s just a test, chill out.  It’s not that bad.

Denzel:  But doesn’t God want us to give our best?

Andy:  Yeah, but every once in a while it’s ok to take a break and.. not give our best.  God doesn’t really care about arithmetic tests anyways

Denzel:  UHH I don’t think so.

Andy:  Nah, it’s ok. Don’t worry your little head about it

Mrs. Humperdinkel:  Now class, if you’ll quiet down, I’m going to go over the answers.


Rodney comes out weeping

Rodney:  NOOO.  This is the worst day of the week.  The worst of the year….worst day of my life!!!

Denzel:  What is it Rodney?

Rodney:  It’s that test…I can’t believe it!  I don’t know where I went wrong…I don’t know how I’m going to show my face in public.  And after all that time studying!!  How could I have done that!!

Denzel:  You FAILED!!!!????

Rodney:  I might as well have failed!!

Denzel:  It can’t be that bad.  Let me take a look at your paper….RODNEY, you got an A-

Rodney:  I know!!  My life is over!!!

Denzel:  Um…ok, Rodney, I think we have bigger issues.  At least you gave everything you had.  I think we need to talk to Andy.

Andy comes up

Andy:  Talk to me about what?

Denzel:  Andy, I don’t think it was right that you only studied halfway.

Andy:  Denzel, why do you keep on talking about this…it’s not that big of a deal.  I told you that you don’t need to be concerned.

Rodney:  But Andy, didn’t you tell me earlier today that you got in trouble for only partially cleaning your room? And now you’re only partially studying?   It seems like a bigger issue to me.

Andy:  Rodney, I already got in trouble with my parents.   Why do you have to make a big deal about it?

Denzel:  Andy, we need to give Jesus our all!

Rodney:  Andy, it’s kinda like King Josiah.  Josiah was made king when he was only 8 years old, and he had to make a decision whether to just keep serving false gods, or to do everything as unto the Lord in every way.

Denzel:  Oh yeah, didn’t Josiah tear down all of the idols that the people were serving?

Rodney:  Yeah!  Josiah was so concerned about glorifying God, that he didn’t just serve God halfway.  He gave God everything and God honored him.

Andy:  But guys, I’m not serving any idols!!

Rodney:  But Andy, you’re doing something even worse.  You’re being lukewarm.

Denzel:  Whoa, Rodney, don’t be using words that I don’t understand.

Rodney:  Well, it’s kinda like a glass of water when it’s been sitting out a long time.  It’s not really hot and it’s not really cold.  It’s called lukewarm.

Andy:  What does that have to do with me?

Rodney:  Andy, God’s calling us to be hot after Him.  But He also said that He’d rather you be totally against Him, or cold, than to try to just serve God halfway and not give Him everything.  Lukewarm is only serving God with part of your strength.

Denzel:  Josiah was hot after God wasn’t he?

Rodney:  Yeah.  But Andy, you’re not giving God your all, and you’re not just saying that you’re a heathen.  You’re been being lukewarm.

Denzel:  God says that he hates that even more than someone who says that they don’t love God.

Andy:  Guys, I know you’re right.  I don’t want to give God my halfway.  I need to give my all to God in everyway.  In fact, I’m going to make it right before God.

Denzel:  And then you’ll be hot just like Josiah!!

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