Calvary Temple Puppets – The Faithful Servants

When I was in school, I used to think I was so busy all the time.  I had homework and chores and sports practices–not to mention all the activities we had up at our church.  (Now, as an adult, I look back on those days wistfully.  I had it so good!)

Many times as Christian adults, we can find our time packed full of good things.  I remember times in my life where I would wake up early to go to work so that I could leave early to help volunteer at a Calvary Temple sports camp and then go to prayer and then wrap up with a skit team practice.  In my mind, I’d spent the entire day doing things for the Lord.

In this week’s puppet skit, Denzel has a similar experience.  He has homework, extra credit book reports, Scriptures to memorize, and chores to finish.  Each of his friends ask him for help, but he’s just too busy to give them any more of his time.

It’s only after hearing the parable of the faithful servants that Denzel realizes that he needs to make sure that he is putting Jesus first in all he does.

GL: Well actually, Denzel, you also need to work on this.

Denzel: What?! I’m doing all good things!

GL: You are, but the Bible warns us to not be weary in well-doing. Sometimes, we can get SO busy doing SO much, that we lose sight of doing what glorifies God! I heard that you couldn’t come to the Africa prayer meeting because you were too busy…

Denzel: Yeah, but…

GL: And you couldn’t help Wendy find her dog, George…

Denzel: But, I had to—

GL: And you didn’t have time to praise Jesus with Suzie. Denzel, you do such a good job with your homework and helping others, but you need to make sure that you’re not so busy with the things in life, that you miss out on things like personal devotions and being available to help others! We don’t want you to be so tired that you aren’t able to glorify Jesus in everything you do! We all need to be careful that we’re not just doing good works for others, but that we’re doing it for God!

Denzel: (sighs) I guess you’re right. I didn’t even realize how busy and stressed I was. I’m really going to try to live by that verse from the parable, “Let us not become weary in doing good…”

GL: There’s the spirit, Denzel! When we have Jesus in our hearts, we should never be stressed about everything we have to do, either! If we’re doing everything as unto the Lord, then He will help us to have peace in our hearts!


The last line that Grandpa Louie says is so important for me personally.  I can get so caught up in all the things I think I need to do for God that I don’t take the time to just be with God.

I’ll leave you with an example that I remember a Sunday School teacher showing us when I was in elementary school (or possibly even younger!)

In this video, the rocks represent our time with the Lord.  The rice represents all the things we have to get done.  When you put the rocks first, you’re able to fit in the rice as well.  But, when you pour the rice in first, you’ll never be able to fit the rocks as well.

It’s so important to not just teach our children this principle, but to live it out in front of them.  Let them see that you take time to seek God or to read your Bible–even if you have errands or cooking to finish for the day.  Show them that your priority is your relationship with the Lord, and help them understand that while it’s important to be productive for the Kingdom, it’s more important to get quiet with God.

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