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I loved reading Pastor Jon’s post about growing up at Calvary Temple (in Sterling, VA), and I thought I should do one myself!  If you are someone who is looking for a new church and you have children, then you probably want to know about one of (the many) teachers who will be with your children in our Sunday School.

I was born and raised in Northern Virginia, and I attended Calvary Temple with my parents since I was a baby!  (I actually remember being in our Toddler Room so vividly–one of the teachers would lean over this little half door and give us pieces of bubblegum. In my mind, we must have all looked like little puppies jumping up and down, waiting for treats.)

In addition to having church three times a week, Calvary Temple also has a private school (what we call “Discipleship Training”, because really, it’s all about training up disciples for Jesus)!  I attended Calvary DT from Kindergarten until I graduated high school.  (I moved through Calvary Temple Kids Chapel, taught in elementary, through Calvary Temple Youth Group, taught in high school.)

You can actually read some of my personal testimony (and memories about Youth Group) over at Pastor Jeff’s blog.  Some of my other good friends (and fellow Sunday School teachers) are also found over there!

Seniors in High School at Calvary Temple

With our Girls Varsity Basketball team while playing at NACA Tournament!

While I consider my upbringing such a privilege, there were definitely times where I took my sheltered existence for granted.  Going from a tiny Christian school to one of largest colleges in Virginia was nearly mind-blowing.  (There were more kids in one lecture hall than there had been in our entire school.)  I’m so thankful for the friends and family that helped hold me accountable–even when I didn’t think I wanted them to.

That’s one reason I really love my church–my strong friendships.  Many times, churches are filled with young children and older people, and there’s not a lot of young adults in the middle.  Calvary Temple is filled with people my age–people who love the Lord and aren’t ashamed to serve Him with all their hearts.

Another cool thing about our ministry is how we uphold our mission statement–2 Timothy 2:2…committing to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.  While we were once little toddlers begging for bubble gum in our Sunday School class, now my friends and I are teaching some of the same classes we used to attend!  (My co-teacher on Sunday night is the same woman who taught me when I was four years old.  That’s nuts!  Mrs. Nantier, I swear you haven’t changed at all!)

Posing with friends at Calvary’s 1950’s night!


Working with children is something that I feel the Lord has called me to do, and I’m so thankful for all the opportunities I have at Calvary.  I’ve had so many great examples throughout my life, and I come to church each week so excited to see the kids and teach them something new.

If you’re interested in coming out to a service at Calvary Temple in Sterling, please leave me a comment.  I’d love to meet you and show you around!  I promise you’ll find a great community of people who love God and truly love each other.

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